T H E   L A W  O F F I C E S  OF

                                Consumer Protection                                 



As a result of prior experience and employment with Consumer Protection Division of the Oklahoma Attorney General's office, the consumer protection attorneys at Self, Morey & Associates know the ins and outs of the Oklahoma and Federal consumer protection laws.  We help businesses and individuals avoid and/or address consumer protection violations by analyzing marketing and advertisements, promotional plans, going out of business sales, product descriptions, bait-and-switch claims and “Don’t Call List” violations.


Some examples of consumer protection violations are included below:


1.  Falsely representing the brand, sponsorship, certification or affiliation of a product

2.  False claims as to the origin or a product

3.  False claims of benefits of a product

4.  False claims that a product is new when it is used

5.  False representation as to the style or model of a product

6.  Advertising with intent not to sell as advertised

7. Advertising with intent not to supply reasonably expected public demand, unless the advertisement discloses a limitation of quantity

8.  False or misleading statements about price

9.  “Bait and switch" advertising

10.  Conducting a closing out/going out of business sale without a license

11.  Resuming the business after a going out of business sale within one (1) year from the expiration date of the closing out sale license

12.  False statements that services, replacements or repairs are needed (for example, automotive repairs)

13.  Home repair fraud

14.  Engaging in unfair or deceptive practices

15. Cemetery fraud
6. Misrepresenting a mail solicitation as an invoice or as a billing statement

17. Oil and gas lease fraud

18. Unauthorized billing without advance approval by the consumer



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